The exchange policies for Cueropapel&tijera products are the following: 

  1. All products of Cueropapel&tijera have a guarantee 
  2. Types of damage covered by the guarantee: 
  • Factory defect: Product change proceeds 
  1. Buckles: broken, loose, grated - 3 months from purchase date
  2. Seams: broken or loose - 3 months from purchase date
  3. Lining: broken, uncooked. - 3 months from purchase date 


  • Material finish defect:


    • Defect in material: Torn, unpainted (by default, not by use) - 3 months from purchase date 
    • Damaged areas of the bag should be identified to make a correct assessment. Usually the defects in material are generalized in the bag
  1. In order to make the changes it is essential that the client submit or send the respective purchase invoice to [email protected] or if the complaint is made in our stores, the physical invoice is presented.
  2. Cueropapel&tijera will guarantee the products that have origin flaws, as long as the customer has used the product correctly. View section 8 of this document.
  3. If the product change is required, it must be made directly at the store where the product was purchased. If the product was bought online at the complaint needs to be made by email at the address [email protected], this email will be replied on a 48 hour time period.
  4. In case a change of product proceeds, Cueropapeytijera will not pay for shipping costs, these will have to be met by the costumer. 
  5. All sales of products made of the following types of leather Saban / Gamuza / Noppi (these types of leathers are specified on the product name) - the customer needs to understand that this is a very sensitive leather and of particular care (View section 8 of this document). If the corresponding care is not easily taken, the leather will absorb colors and will not be repairable or changeable. 
  6. The following general care should be taken with all types of leather bags in order to apply the change policy: 
    • Avoid contact with water, oil, grease and ink. 
    • Avoid contact with perfumes, makeup and alcohol 
    • Avoid prolonged exposure to the sun 
    • Do not clean with soap, detergent or abrasive cleaners 
    • Do not rub 
    • Do not clean with a damp cloth 
    • Do not wash in a washing machine 
    • Noppi / Gamuza / Saban type of leather - do not wear with jeans, or fabrics can easily transmit dye.


Last update: November 4, 2019


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