Last month was our 11th year anniversary. The question of how I set a date for the anniversary  has come up several times. You could probably use the date that you registered your brand, or the date that you came up with the name of the brand; the truth is that for me that date was set when I opened my first shop to the public. I had already been working on this project for  a couple of years; but it wasn´t until the day when that red wooden door opened to the public in Cartago, that I actually felt my brand was born.
Opening a new shop is one of the most beautiful feelings I have had in these years:  2008  Cartago, 2011 Paseo Colon, 2015 Sabana Norte, 2018 Pinares, and 2019 -today- online store.
This new space is conceived as a  new location, a new home for CueroPapel&tijera where we hope we can work for you, offer and make you feel the same way you do when you visit one of our physical shops: it's an enormous challenge! But we've dared to dream of this web portal  as such because our creative spirit is huge and the feeling of a brand as Cueropapel&tijera can be conveyed thru images, words, colors and textures... we know we have all we need to offer an experience as warm and effective as if we were face to face.
For those who love the handmade products as myself, this path to the digital era has to be understood as a means to transcend everything that we are.  We in Cueropapel&tijera want our  creativity to transcend frontiers and spaces beyond what can be imagined. And  of course: you are our guests!
Welcome to our virtual shop!
Sofia Protti